Building Green

The history of green building in the US goes back to the mid-1970’s and the energy crisis. That experience provided the push needed to get people thinking about saving the planet and using limited resources in a responsible manner.

Some forward thinkers started incorporating green building ideas into their custom home designs at that time.

Fast forward to today and you have several different entities promoting green building but all have one goal – Build an energy efficient home that may save the homeowner money in the long run but will help to save the resources of the planet and thus contribute to the benefit of everyone.

Today’s green built homes may include energy efficient items both large and small. Most people will recognize low E windows, added insulation, south facing home orientation, passive solar, and high efficiency furnaces as standard inclusions in an energy efficient home.

There are other items that can also contribute to an energy efficient system. Depending on your budget you may choose geothermal heat, photo voltaic solar, tankless hot water systems, spray insulation, or efficient siding to name a few.

Ohtama at Evergreen is pleased to encourage green building in all our custom homes. When you ‘Come Home to Ohtama’ we want it to be to an energy efficient home that will meet the needs of the planet and the needs of you and your family.