about-map-othamaFirst purchased as a large acreage in 1952, Ohtama is located within the Town of Evergreen which is 30 miles west of Denver on I-70.  It consists of 8.5 acres divided into 12 lots.  The smallest lot is a half acre while the largest is just over an acre in size.

Ohtama has public water and sewer as well as telephone, natural gas and cable service.

The Homeowner’s Association is responsible for maintenance of the streets and entrance monument, as well as the perimeter fence, rock walls and retention ponds within the subdivision.  A monthly fee will be charged to each homeowner for association dues.

Homebuilders in Ohtama are encouraged to Build Green! Energy efficient homes in Colorado can be built using solar designs.  The emphasis on green built custom homes makes Ohtama the first choice of energy efficient buyers.

Located in the Heart of Evergreen, Colorado, Ohtama is less than a half mile from downtown.  You can walk to the Little Bear from here!  The Evergreen Golf Course and Evergreen Lake are just a little further. Major ski areas are less than an hour away up I-70 and casino gaming is a half hour away in Central City and Blackhawk.  To get there turn north on Douglas Park Rd from Highway 74 (right beside the Little Bear Saloon) and go up the hill.

Evergreen has great restaurants, shopping and recreational opportunities.  And Ohtama is right in the middle of it all.